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eCopy ShareScan: The document scanning solution

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An Email and Folder Watching Service will take any pdf?s sent to your email and convert them into searchable pdf, word or excel file. You can also route email attachments into shared workspaces.
Create/modify form templates with ease. Specify text, barcodes, check boxes and anchor zones for critical data. You can manage templates from the library and test for accuracy using form samples.
It?s easy to amend content so that they are always fit for purpose. You can highlight and strike through text to enable more efficient reviewing, and edit information to keep sensitive text private.
Connect users to your MFD network to share content, or share documents to the cloud. When your business grows, just add more users to the network.
Secure MFP sign-in using Microsoft Active Directory, or even smart cards, lets it know exactly who you are. It then accesses your personalised scanning settings, so you enjoy a consistent experience.
While your MFD is scanning you can continue to set options incl. the file destination, the file name & add any additional information. Now your documents go to the right people or places quickly.
Preview all your documents with real-time validation, and correct any errors before they become a problem.
Stop keying in data fields from documents or forms (except for characters that aren’t recognised). Allowing you to speed up processes that require document information and data to be actioned.
eCopy ShareScan’s one-touch operation delivers multi-step workflows that capture, index and store documents as well as keeping your database up to date. The advanced OCR technology is highly accurate, eliminating time consuming re-scanning and re-processing tasks.
Fail-proof scanning procedures reduces the risk of errors because users can capture and send documents to their desktops for additional processing, portfolio assembly, and editing
Don?t wait around for everyone to leave the office before you can scan your large documents, schedule the job to be done long after you have left the office. eCopy ShareScan lets you scan a high volume of documents with fast index keying, even when you’re not around.
Transform your copier into a convenient portal through which documents can be securely archived