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iW Accounting Manager for MEAP

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Break down costs accurately and easily. Reports can be set up to allocate expenses to different areas of business. You can even export them in CSV to use in spreadsheets and invoices.
Need more detailed facts and figures? You can get as detailed as you choose ? tracking everything from paper size to paper type ? counting pages and sheets for pin point cost control.
If there?s any misuse happening, you?ll know immediately. iW Accounting Manager shows you exactly what?s being produced and as a result, employees are encouraged to use devices correctly.
If anything goes wrong you can restore your data & recover in moments. It can all be backed up regularly and stored away to FTP server or Windows share ? from job log data to application settings.
Automatic print tracking gives you a page-by-page view of all print, copy, scan, and fax activity across your fleet, broken down in colour or black & white, by department or even by user.
For data to be useful, it needs to be accessible. Use a handy web browser interface to set up regular emailed reports to be sent to anyone as often as you like. Every day, week or month.
Get accurate fleet data, so you can develop and measure resource management plans
The only way to successfully manage resources, is to have clear and accurate data in order to develop a successful plan, and more importantly, be able to measure your results.
iW Accounting Manager for MEAP gives you complete visibility on what the business is printing, copying, scanning, and faxing – by user or department ID. Output can be tracked by colour and black-and-white output, by paper size, paper type, even count pages ? so you have a full transparency of who is using what, and when.