SMART Board 6000 Series
September 5, 2018
SMART Board 2000 Series
September 5, 2018
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SMART Board 6000 Pro Series

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Your SMART Board 6000 Pro is a digital hub that will connect colleagues from disparate offices with multiple devices and empower them to share ideas, maximise creative thinking and motivate productivity. With 4K, Ultra HD resolution and iQ, now you can communicate new concepts through text, graphics and video with clarity and accuracy.

With two coloured pens to share during whiteboard sessions, team members can share, save and retrieve files from remote locations in real time.

Use your SMART Board to share and collaborate on text, videos and graphics from Android, Apple and Windows devices without any apps or extra hardware.

Never compromise on your ideas. Your Smart Board comes with one work room and 10 SMART Meeting Pro software licences so your team can create, share and save endless files and links.

Use your SMART Board to share thoughts and ideas by writing over websites, video, PDFs and Microsoft Office files, then save your notes in almost any file type.