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About Us

founded in 1997 by
Feroz Aswat

Auckland Copiers & Solutions was founded in 1997 by Feroz Aswat.
Alongside Feroz, Todd and Brad the company has been built up with staff who work with honesty and integrity, and who understand the values and vision that the company was founded on, making Auckland Copiers & Solutions a company to be proud of.

Auckland Copiers & Solutions

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Here at Auckland Copiers & Solutions we can not only provide your business with brand new office equipment, but we also specialise in a wide range of fully refurbished Canon machines. Providing a refurbished option helps your business reduce the purchase costs, while still maintaining the product reliability and quality.

We also offer a range of financing options, including lease to own or rental, to best suit each business’ individual budget and requirements.
We are committed to being an active and supportive member of the wider Auckland community, with regular sponsorship for schools, charities and organisations.

With a ‘Clean Green’ attitude, they also offer a recycling service, which allows our customers to safely dispose of their old toners, cartridges and office equipment.


Setting the Standard: Innovating Personalized Solutions for Seamless Excellence

At the heart of our vision is the commitment to provide innovative and personalized solutions that not only meet but anticipate and surpass our clients’ needs. Step into a future where Auckland Copiers and Solutions sets the standard for service, making every experience seamlessly excellent.


Customer-Centric Excellence: Redefining Expectations, Ensuring Extraordinary Journeys

The core of our mission is a commitment to see our business through the eyes of our customers. We tirelessly strive to provide not only quality products, but an inviting experience of exceptional service and unwavering support. This is not merely a commitment; it’s a promise to redefine your expectations and ensure your journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary.