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imageFORMULA DR-G2110

This high end A3 scanner digitises documents with the greatest accuracy and clarity with effective workflow set up for easy retrieval.

A network connected, high volume scanner to digitise your workplace

Canon’s imageFORMULA DR-G2110 digitises paperwork in record time, capturing high quality, accurate data with ease from documents that vary in size, stock and weight. Automated features reduce manual involvement in processing scans, yet assure your business of work ready files that can be shared, edited and stored. This high end scanner will digitally transform your business, saving hours of administrative effort and freeing your staff to focus on more rewarding revenue generating tasks. The DR-G2110 has a small environmental footprint and allows for network connectivity. With technical support from Canon to maximise output, its destined to deliver a return on investment for your business.

Equipped for precision high volume scanning

With an onboard processing chip, high speed scanning is maintained even when multiple image processing functions are selected. intelligent detection systems automatically manage anomalies like page skew, staples, calibration, and colour variation.

Superb image quality and speed

The DR-G2110 saves hours of tedious manual data entry by scanning everything from A3 papers to business cards in singular or mixed batches without falter. Enjoy scanning that’s jam free every time and print outs of the highest quality in rapid time.

Printer Details

Feed Capacity
500 Sheets
Image Speed
240ipm (A4 duplex/colour/portrait)
Max Paper Size
Scan Speed
110ppm (A4 Colour)
Scanning Resolution

Get ahead with rapid scanning

You’ll waste no time, scanning up to 130ppm in landscape and 100ppm in portrait , in a single pass, with unbelievable image quality and accuracy every time.

Get your document management sorted in no time

Odd sizes, mixed batches of document, no worries. The DR-G2110 will scan everything from A3 to business card size without a fuss. You’ll enjoy scanning that’s jam free every time.

Good on energy

This super smart scanner meets ENERGY STAR Program guidelines for energy efficiency and comes with stand-by mode settings too.